of loving you.

hey, gorgeous.

well, to start this off— happy fifth, baby. i know this isn't much but these are just a bunch of little gifts i've made to (hopefully!) make you smile. because my god, that's all i always want.

and no, following this one, there is no order so you can open whichever one you feel like!

so before i let you to it, i just wanted to get ahead of it and say thank you again. for everything. for always being there. for being so kind hearted and understanding. for being such a beautiful soul. for being mine. i'm so grateful to have you in my life.

i love you so very much, jung yoojin. with my entire heart and soul and then some. i hope you never forget that.

your jaeyeong.

playlist/s for jin

coupons for jin

things for jin

hey, lovebug.

as your extremely extra boyfriend, i'm surprised it's taken me this long to get us something matching and when i saw these caps, i just had to have 'em. i mean, i am your beast, right? heh. also, i figured since you keep steeling my clothes, i'm giving you my favorite jacket— i wore it to my very first game as captain. so, this just means you are the proud of owner of some of kim jaeyeong's most beloved things: my vintage adidas jacket, my eden hazard chelsea jersey, and your heart.

heh. love you, cutie. hope the jacket keeps you warm on the cold days that i can't be with you.

puzzle for jin

fun fact: there's a secret message hidden in the puzzle!

when you complete the word search, place the letters as they appear from left to right, from the top row to the bottom into these spaces.


petals for jin

⌦ to: yoojin

one sweet bouquet for one sweet angel.

⌦ from: jaeyeong